Neck and shoulder massagers can alleviate pain and improve your mobility. Not only will these massagers improve your muscles’ mobility and flexibility, but using them regularly will also improve your blood circulation.

Finding the best neck and shoulder massager can be difficult. That’s why we decided to make a list of the top 10 models currently available on the market and provide a helpful buying guide.

1. Naipo Neck Massager Shiatsu Shoulder Massager

The Naipo massage pillow is a good model that comes at a decent price. This model provides a good massage experience, and it comes with a car adapter as well.

One of the best things this massage pillow has to offer is the adjustable intensity setting. This is a very good setting because it will allow you to change the massage’s intensity as you move it around your body. If you like your massages rougher on your back, you can use the maximum intensity. If you like them softer on your feet, you can use the lowest.

All in all, this is a good neck & shoulder massager, even if its fabric can feel rough if you place the unit directly against your skin

2. NURSAL 3D Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager

The Nursal shiatsu massage pillow is probably the best massage pillow in its price category. Despite its low price, this unit incorporates a lot of good features, including some you won’t even find in more expensive models.

This massage pillow is rather large, which can be a good and a bad thing at the same time. The advantage of using a large massage pillow is that it will be more comfortable when you massage your lower back, legs, and feet. The disadvantage is that it can be slightly uncomfortable to massage your neck.

Overall, this is one of the best massage pillows you can buy for this price.

3. Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow

The Nekteck massage pillow is a top of the line product that incorporates most of the features you would expect to find in such a product. This massage cushion uses 8 shiatsu massage nodes to relieve the tension out of your muscles, and it also has a heated massage feature.

A great thing about this model is that it comes with a car adapter. This will allow you to connect the massager to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter for power. This can be a very helpful feature for people who spend a lot of time in their vehicles, such as truckers or people driving RVs.

Overall, this is a good model, and it provides a nice massage experience

4. Atsuwell Shiatsu Handsfree Deep Kneading Massager

Atsuwell brings you a lightweight massager that has ergonomic U-shaped design that will fit around your body perfectly. It is equipped with 8 shiatsu massage notes giving you a relieving and relaxing massage. It has 3 adjustable speed- low, medium and high. If the lowest speed is too strong for you, Atsuwell have you covered as the unit comes with a soft sleeve which can be tied around the massaging nodes. In doing so, the strength will be reduced to a certain level.
The massage pillow has an infrared heating system and can heat up to 45 degree Celcius which will promote soothing of the muscles immensely. It comes with an additional belt which can be fastened on both sides of the hanging loops making the massager a hands-free. This is one of the best features of this pillow and you can use it whether you are sitting or standing.
Like most massager, the car adaptor and wall adaptor are included with the unit.


  • Hand-free massager
  • Infrared heating system
  • Multi-position massager


  • The massager is too small for a larger individual.

5. Five Star FS8801 Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat

One of the advantages of using the FS8801 massage pillow is that it comes with 8 massage nodes. The nodes can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise, and the direction of their rotation really changes the massage experience and makes them hit different spots on your shoulder and neck.

Another good thing we liked about this product is that it comes with a power cord that’s 10 feet long. This can be an advantage because it offers you a small degree of mobility, so you won’t have to get a massage right next to a power outlet.

The bottom line is, this is a capable massage pillow, and using it can be very enjoyable.

6. Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Massager By Bruntmor

One of the best things the Bruntmor has to offer is its design. This unit’s design makes it perfect for everyday use. Despite its title, this is not only a neck and shoulder massager. In fact, you can use the massager on all the parts of your body that need massaging with great results.

This massage pillow is cordless, and that makes it very versatile. The unit’s battery can last for up to 3 hours, depending on the features you use, so you can massage your whole body with only one battery charge.

All in all, this is a great massage pillow, and it’s well worth its price.

7. Resteck Shiatsu 3D Deep Kneading Massage Pillow

Have a real spa experience with the Resteck massage pillow which has 8 Shiatsu massage nodes and a heated feature. It is designed to mimic the most popular massaging technique used by masseuse which is beneficial for sore muscles and promotes blood circulation. The massager comes with four simple buttons to adjust the direction, heating, and speed. This way you can customize the pillow meeting your desired experience.
The use of Resteck massager does not limit only to the neck and shoulder. It can cover the whole body to alleviate acute joint and muscle pain. The unit has 2 hanging loops to rest your arms while massaging your back or neck allowing you to additionally adjust the pressure manually.
The pillow is made from leather and will be quite durable. It also comes with a compact carry bag allowing you to carry with ease everywhere you go. The unit comes with a car adaptor and a wall adaptor which means you can use it right out of the box.


  • Adjustable speed and direction
  • Heating function
  • Lightweight


  • It is not cordless
  • Massaging nodes can be a bit hard for some.

8. Belmint Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager

One of the advantages of using the Belmint neck and shoulder massager is that it has a well-thought design. This model is easy to use, and it’s light enough to change its position without anything getting in the way. The massager uses 8 massage nodes to provide a comfortable massage experience, and it also uses a heated massage feature.

This unit uses 20-minute massage sessions. If you want to spend more than that, you can simply restart the unit.

The bottom line is, this is a good massager, and it manages to come at a reasonable price.

9. Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager

The Brookstone cordless neck and shoulder massager is one of the best models you can find at the moment. This massage pillow uses 8 massage nodes and 3 adjustable massage intensity settings to provide exactly the type of massage you’re looking for.

Being cordless, this unit is highly portable. You can use it while you’re working around the house, or you can even use it while you’re at work. The massager runs silently, so it’s suitable for an office environment.

Overall, this is one of the best neck and shoulder massager models available on the market.

10. Naturalico Shiatsu Massager

The Naturalico shiatsu massager is a lightweight unit that provides a comfortable massage experience. Thanks to its low weight, this massage pillow is easy to use, and you’ll have no problems adjusting its position.

This massager comes with a premium lifetime warranty, which is pretty rare for this kind of product. In fact, this is the only product that comes with a lifetime warranty on our list.

Overall, this is a very good product, especially if you consider the manufacturer will repair or replace the unit for free as long as you use it following the instructions.

Bottom line

All these tools can help with pain relief and relaxation of the neck and shoulder. Suppose you have read the descriptions and been interested with one of them, you can easily order them online through Amazon or Ebay.