Massage therapy is a great way to help your client’s relieve pain and stress while also helping to prevent injury. There are also holistic massage therapy services that helps provide relief for clients.

What Makes a Massage Holistic?

While there are many physical benefits to massage therapy, there are also a lot benefits for personal and mental health. Massage therapy and holistic healing provides a powerful physical and mental health support service. This is because holistic massage services improves the way people feel inside and out. Here we are going to take a look at holistic massage therapy and many of the ways it benefits different people.

Who Benefits from Holistic Massage Therapy?

Nearly everybody can benefit from massage therapy. Those who lead active lifestyles can often experience a great deal of wear and tear on their bodies. For example, manual labor and athletic activities typically exert a lot of power and energy for long periods of time. Because of this, this activity increases the likelihood of injury and damage.

Likewise, people who work in stationary jobs can also feel the wear and tear of sedentary lifestyles. Massage helps break up the knots that form and ease tension so that your client can relax.

What Does Holistic Mean?

When people think of holistic healing, they typically think up images of super-spiritual practitioners. However, the philosophy behind the holistic approach to medicine is far more grounded and logical. In reality, holistic philosophy asserts that everything about a person is interconnected.

Holistic healing acknowledges that how a person feels emotionally also impacts their physical state. The holistic position also recognizes that social and mental factors alters a person’s physical health. For this reason, holistic service providers attempt to approach the entirety of a client rather than a singular aspect of their wellness.

What are Some of the Benefits to the Holistic Approach?

The specific benefits a person would receive from a holistic therapy or treatment depends on the service and their needs. However, there are general benefits that may apply to all holistic treatments.

Deeper Self-Awareness

When a person acknowledges the connectionbetween how they feel emotionally and physically, they become aware of that connection in their daily life. A client may notice a physical manifestation of a particular emotion. They may start to recognize a dieting pattern affecting how they feel. This person might also notice that an activity makes them feel particularly good or bad.

There are a lot of different things that a person may begin to notice about their internal-external connection and how it effects various aspects of their life. This knowledge and awareness can help this person handle the stresses put on their body and mind more responsibly by helping them avoid triggers, maturely manage their emotions, and make more personally informed decisions about their habits, activities, and lifestyle as a whole.

General Health Benefits

There is nothing singular about the holistic philosophy that makes it a cure-all for any given physical issue. But there are notable health benefits to holistic treatments and lifestyle practices that can help make someone a healthier person over all. Paying attention to how their body feels, and how different things can make their body feel, can help them create habits and make decisions to feel their absolute best.

A person takes care of their physical health if they are more in tune with the things their body is trying to tell them. Engaging in holistic treatments and committing to a holistic lifestyle can help us know what our body needs more of and what we may want to think about cutting out. These changes can help a person avoid complications down the road.

Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Just as with a person’s physical health, their mental emotional health can often go unnoticed amid a busy schedule. Holistic healing practices remind us to check back in with those parts of ourselves. These practices remind us to evaluate our internal health on a much more frequent basis.

A holistic approach to health admits that a person’s mental well-being is every bit as important to their health. It should be noted that by no means is holistic healing a substitute for professional health assistance. However, holistic medicine is a compliment to traditional therapies because it can help a person recognize and seek solutions for mental and emotional problems earlier than they might have otherwise.

How Does Holistic massage Treat Anxiety and Depression

The massage therapy focuses greatly on strengthening a positive mind-body connection, it can be of great aid as a complement to treatment in those who struggle with a psychological condition that is seemingly separate from their physical life.

This is because massage focuses on the different pressure points to generate sensations and their connection to specific emotions, helping you to become more acutely aware of how they are interlinked and are more able to recognize what you are feeling.

Understanding both your positive and negative emotions and how they manifest in both your mind and body through massage can help you recognize and manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Massage can also have an impact on our relationship to our own self, allowing us to feel more present, positive and aware in our bodies.

This gentle touch activates our skin’s pressure receptors which release oxytocin hormone that helps to promote feelings of trust and attachment.

Struggling with depression and severe anxiety can cause sufferers to withdraw socially and emotionally from others, and regenerating the ability to function healthily in those ways can begin with a message from a trusted professional.

The regular practice of massage therapy can also reinforce feelings of comfort and relaxation and improve the relationship you have with your body.

What is the Difference Between a Regular Massage and a Holistic Massage?

Any massage that a person receives is going to give them some kind of physical relief. All massage techniques involve physical manipulation through different methods of manual stimulation. These various techniques and methods are used to create different effects on muscles, joints, and certain tissue groups within the human body. A holistic massage, however, pays attention to how a client is feeling on a personal level along with how their body is physically feeling. They will also likely be more aware of how internal stress can manifest physically. Here are a few of the trademark differences between a holistic massage therapy experience and your run-of-the-mill spa massage.

Client Engagement

You will ask your clients basic questions. You will ask where the client is feeling tension, if they are experiencing any mobility issues, and other things that can have an effect on the way they perform their job. A holistic massage therapist, on the other hand, will likely be far more comprehensive when questioning their clients. However, a holistic massage therapist might give their client the opportunity to open up to the level they personally feel comfortable with by asking how they are feeling emotionally.

The holistic massage therapist may also ask if there are any unusual stresses or emotions that have been recently affecting the client. This information doesn’t just give the client an opportunity for a communication outlet. These questions and conversations also provide the holistic massage therapist with information that might assist them in coming up with a plan to help the client realign internally.

It is important that the client take the time to find a holistic massage therapist they feel comfortable with. The more information the client is comfortable with sharing about their emotional state and mental stress the better the holistic massage therapist will be able to help them customize their therapies and treatments to provide maximum benefit.

Attention to Atmosphere

Most spas have a kind of “feel” to them that encourages clients to feel calm and relaxed. Holistic massage pays special attention to this aspect of the massage experience. Our surroundings can have a significant effect on how we feel and react mentally, which in turn affects us physically. This facet of the experience becomes even more important when considering that holistic massage therapy is particularly concerned with how a person feels emotionally. It is not uncommon for these kinds of massages to have several different aesthetic elements meant to engage multiple senses.

For example, aromatherapy can play a part in the overall therapeutic experience of a holistic massage. It might come in the form of an infused oil used during the massage itself. Aromatherapy could also be introduced into the experience through a scented candle, fresh herbs or flowers, incense, or a combination of any of those things. So even though most therapy experiences include a certain level of atmosphere, holistic massage therapy typically makes it a clear priority.

Customized Experiences

When a client is seen as a whole person rather than merely a list of ailments and symptoms it allows their massage therapist and alternative medical support professionals to create a more meaningful and effective treatment plan for any issues the client may be having. These treatments are more meaningful and effective simply because they are informed by their own experiences and preferences.

There a lot of different things about a holistic massage therapy appointment that can be customized. What each massage therapist offers will differ based on factors such as whether or not they work in a spa or independently, the equipment and supplies they have access to, and any other areas of holistic expertise they might have. It is even possible that a holistic massage therapist can offer their clients customized dietary and exercise suggestions that can potentially help improve their mental and/or physical stability.

For instance, a massage therapist might suggest that their client drink more water if they are frequently fatigued. The holistic massage therapist may suggest that the client begin stretching daily if they have a history of mobility issues. However, before making any major changes to diet or exercise routines it is important that a client check with their doctor first.

Why are Holistic Massages Important to Well-Being?

Holistic therapies and treatments can be an important part of mental and physical well-being for a lot of different kinds of people. These services give holistic professionals the ability to achieve significant comfort and relief for their clients without the need to be invasive. They are also able to provide clients a way to help their bodies and minds without the risk of harmful side effects that come with prescription treatment options.

Massage is an important part of that healing tradition. Combining the healing compassion of massage therapy with the cohesive approach of the holistic philosophy can create an experience that helps people connect to their bodies while simultaneously helping them tune into their emotional state. Suffering wear and tear on our bodies can happen in different ways, but it happens to all of us. The same thing goes for emotional stress. We all suffer mental wear and tear. We all experience stress and tension that affects other areas of our lives. Holistic massage therapy recognizes both the physical and mental side of stress and injury. It also recognizes that one is no more important than the other.

How to maintain the effects of holistic massage for self-care?

The wide-ranging advantages of massage are vast and comprehensive because the longer you maintain a self-care routine after treatment that includes regular massage, the longer the benefits from it will last.

While regular, professional massages are certainly the most effective way to receive the benefits of touch, the good part is that you can take personal steps in-between your ongoing professional therapy and massage sessions in order to continue receiving these mind and body benefits.

Simple neck massage can not only relieve pain but can reduce the chances of a headache and feelings of stress after a long day.

Similarly, a basic foot massage can greatly help your fatigue if you are your feet all day, and a gentle temple rub before bedtime can help you sleep easy.

Even just five minutes of quiet self-massage can have a great effect on your overall health and well-being, in conjunction with continued therapy to help maintain control over your depression or anxiety on your healing journey.

It is very important and crucial for you to take of yourself first because if you would maintain yourself and love your body only then you can have a good and sound mind.

Its importance can sometimes get lost in the midst of struggle, pain, and difficult situations but a commitment to building your mind-body connection through self-care can help you maintain a positive mental state after treatment and beyond.

You need to be in good general health to be able to withstand the physical demands of your work. Getting enough sleep and exercise, eating well and not smoking are among the healthy practices that can help your body heal quickly after a long day at work. This is the real essence of a holistic therapy for depression and anxiety.