Normally people doing a lot of work behind the desk, talking much through the phone, long driving, doing tough exercises such as marathon, obstacle course and gym usually bring tension and stiffness on the back of the neck and shoulders. When this kind of problem occurs a necessary treatment of neck and shoulder massage is required.

How is this happening?

This depends on the kinds of activities that you do. It is not the same case for everyone having this problem.

Here are few examples of different cases.

During Driving

When driving a body is positioned to concentrate looking forward with arms at the steering wheel. This act stretches the shoulders forward keeping them out of regular position. When this is done for a long time consequently it will result to neck and shoulder pain.

Working with computers

The case is similar also, a body is kept on the same posture for a long time which will inturn cause neck and shoulder pain

Gym and other hard exercises

When a body is stressed to lift heavy loads and other tough exercises which squeze the body, usually this kind of problem is likely to come.

How do I treat neck and shoulder pain

  • First and foremost take breaks when doing certain activities. Whether its driving, working in office, gym or any kind of activity. It is advised you take breaks of about 2 to 5 minutes after every 30 minutes of activity.
  • Stretch your neck side to side. You can simply use your arm to stretch it down on the right and left for 20 seconds on each side. Again you can do the same by moving your head for forward and backwards
  • Have a partner gentle massage in cirles on between the spine and shoulder blade.
  • Let the partner massage in circles along the back on the sides of spinal cord.

If you find difficulties on working with above procedures, you can still use Artificial Massagers. They are very simple to use. Normally each of them comes with their own instructions but the basics are the same. Here is an example of one:


Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


This product features function of massaging the back of the neck by being able to adjust the intensity stressing whether being soft or hard by changing the speed through 3 buttons. You may also decide to make it produce warmth during the massage. This is my favorite when it comes to using machines.

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