1. French Beauty and Massage

French beauty and massage is a nice place for massage. It has wooden design like appearance with beautiful therapist. The massage therapist at French beauty and massage are very welcoming and provide the best service around the town. Its definately very nice to spend the time there.
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2. Velur Spa

It is one of the best massage centre in Albania. It has many rooms in it. It can accomodate more than 10 customers at a time. The therapist at Velur spa are very charming and welcoming. They offer a turkish bath, nice reflexology, deep tissue and many other services.I believe Visiting velur spa is always a pleasure to everyone visiting a town of Tirana however their prices are little high.

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3. Golden Spa Relax

Golden Spa Relax is a very good massage place. Their place is very clean and tidy. They provide a relaxing massage at a very affordable price compared to others. The good thing about the massuese at this place is that they know how to speak good English. This is very good if you are a foreigner it will be easy to express your demands.
In this spa they provide the best spring massage in town. Its also good for people who are looking for sports massage centres also.

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4. La Vie en Rose Spa

It is a nice massage parlor in Albania Tirana. The receptionist speaks good English and their price of services is quite cheap. All the tools used for their service are sterilized and super clean. The other thing about this place is that they always change the girls for massage from time to time. I know this is what is prefered by some people but not a good taste for some others.
There is no jacuzz or pool for those people who are interested in such service.

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5.Jasmine Spa & Fizioterapi

It has nice big rooms just like those from the big hotels. The staff are super clean with very good service. Its one of the best place in Tirana for good massage service.
Its kind difficult to locate the place as it is on the 6th floor of the building.

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6. Aja Beauty Spa

Aja Beauty Spa is a very clean, nice and spacious place. It has beautiful therapist and very friendly to their customers. I also believe they provide the best manicure and pedicure service in Tirana.
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7. Sierra Sensual Massage

Sierra sensual massage is a massage parlor in Albania Tirana with very beautiful girls. They provide a good sensual massage just as what they say in their name.
Anyone who feels like having fun and relaxing their body and mind, just visit sierra sensual massage. They have very good comforting massage therapist who eases body and mind tension.

8. Ozon S.P.A

Ozon spa is a very cool place which is well designed. It has a very comfortable and friendly environment. The staffs of Ozon spa are very professional and competent. They can provide good body treatment to patients who suffer from pains of disc displacement, migraine issues or spine problems.
Actually they are good to what they are doing. Be it a long term pain or short term they will provide you with best care.

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9. Deluxe Spa and Massage

The massage spa is very nice. The receptionist at their office is very welcoming. They provide very good service. They have a nice room for couple massage with a sauna Jacuzz. They serve wine too if you are interested on their area of refreshment zone.Its definately a good place to go have some good time and refreshment.

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10. Bamboo Spa and Hammam

Its a nice place they provide quality manicure and pedicure. They use traditional Turkish hamman culture in complement to the regular massage techniques. However the massage at this place done by men is quite hard. Suppose you are someone of no interest of hard massage its best to choose a female therapist.

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